Why I wear the same clothes every day.

And other questions I get asked fairly often.

The outfit in question. I’m far less serious in real life, I promise.

How did it start?

At the time I’d been doing a lot of reading into minimalism and “micro-wardrobes”, something about having a huge amount of flexibility with a seemingly small collection of items was really appealing to me. I tried it for a while, but ran into the same problems of a traditional wardrobe. Every morning I was plagued with the (incredibly unimportant) decision of what to wear that day.

But what are the benefits?

As I mentioned above, I’ve seen many different reasons for adopting this kind of lifestyle — I’ll share my top few, then we’ll look at some others.

  1. Reduction in decision fatigue: Okay, I don’t know if this is real, but it feels like it works. Decision fatigue is the idea that the more decisions you make, the worse they get (in simplified terms). So why would you want to waste one of those decisions on what to wear?
  2. Minimalist wardrobe: How many clothes do you have in your wardrobe, that you haven’t looked at in over a year? One of the best things about this outfit for me is saving space, money, and time on clothes shopping. If you like clothes shopping, this probably isn’t for you.

Don’t you get bored?

Nope. Not even a little. I’ve found a way to shake things up without ruining the ideology. Ready for the secret?

If you wear the same thing, how does it transition?

Another foot-related question, the answer is shoes. Everything else in my outfit is 100% flexible, and the shoes define the vibe. I would describle myself as somewhat of a trainer (sneaker for my friends across the pond) addict. Recently I’ve been rotating between the following…

Photo by Jia Ye on Unsplash (I couldn’t find a good picture of mine).

What are the downsides?

Sometimes I’ll see someone with an outfit that looks incredible. And I’ll get a little jealous. That’s a downside. And sometimes, people probably look at me and wonder if I ever change my clothes.


I’m not a fashion expert, and I know relatively little about fashion. For all I know, the combination could look terrible, and people collectively decided not to mention it.

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